Free Money Drops

 Free Money Drops is a very common service courtesy of PremiumModz.
This service consists of joining an allocated Grand Theft Auto V Online server and receiving money bags for an estimated 30-90 minutes.


Step 1

Join our Official PremiumModz Discord and create an account. But then join the Official Modding Discord Server.

Change your Discord nickname to your Social Club username with the format (SC - Username).


Step 2

Check #lobby-status to see whether a Money Drop is currently active.

If so, simply join the Queue-1 voice chat and wait until you are moved to the Lobby-1 voice chat.


Step 3

Once you are in the Lobby-1 voice chat, you will be given instructions on how to join the Modder's lobby.

You must also join The PremiumNetwork crew on Social Club be to able to connect to the crew only session.