Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions (the "Agreement") govern all use of all services and products available at or through Premiummodz.com (the "Site"), including, but not limited to, website features such as the forum and user registration, and the products featured. The Site is operated by PremiumModz (herein referred to as, "PremiumModz").

Please read this Agreement carefully before accessing or using the Site, or any products or services offered by PremiumModz. By accessing or using any part of the Site or products and services offered by PremiumModz, you agree to become bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions as stated in the Agreement, then you may not access the Site or use any products or services offered by PremiumModz. The Site is only available to individuals who are at least 13 years old.


Refund Policy

This policy applies to any purchase made through or on the Site.
The time and date at which any product or service is purchased from the Site will hereby be referred to as "Moment of Purchase". The time and date that any Grand Theft Auto V modification associated with said product or service is successfully logged into for the first time will hereby be referred to as "First Use".
I: Wrong Platform - If you are on the wrong platform, such as Xbox One or PS4, you are not entitled to a refund, even if funds have been sent.
II: Dissatisfaction - If you are dissatisfied with your purchase within 30 minutes after the Moment of Purchase, and the purchase in question is your first from the Site, you are entitled to a refund.
If you request a refund for any reason not stated within this policy, or outside the bounds stated within this policy, the approval of your request is at the discretion of an Administrator.